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property investment advice So, if the original contract was formed at a lower price, payment of the full cost of the apartment will be questioned. In the latter case, the examples met even comic, but more in the genre of black Comedy. And the third is the purchase of apartments for permanent residence. If we add different kind of "raider attacks", which I use often recovered in the rights of spouses, otsidevshie their share of the estate, the result seems not very bright. There is in fact meaning to do some work? Since I am myself a couple of times sold the apartment without Agency assistance, we want to share with you the basic rules and to warn against mistakes.


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Bought housing in good areas of these places are easy to rent and make a profit. "The last three years, almost all courts and almost all cases are resolved not in favor of buyers who did not take care of the notarial consent of the spouse of the seller on the transaction". But in any case, to avoid unpleasant surprises, you should have a complete idea of the condition of the apartment. The apartment will be transferred back to the former owner or his relatives. Not to mention how profitable and attractive is investment in real estate in this region.